Motor Car Insurance

Driving isn’t an easy task. As much as we make sure that we drive defensively and with utmost care, accidents can still happen. Let Charter Ping An assure you of comprehensive coverage when the unfortunate happens to your vehicle....

Following are the coverages we offer:

Third Party Liability Cover

Compulsory Third Party Liability (CTPL)

Mandatory cover required by law for all registered vehicles intended to protect vehicle owner / policyholder against third party/ies injuries and/or death only.

Voluntary Third Party Liability Cover

Excess Bodily Injury

In excess of the CTPL cover.

Property Damage

Cover intended to protect vehicle owner / policyholder against damage to properties of third party/ies.

Loss or Damage Cover

Protects the vehicle owner / policyholder against loss or damage incurred by the insured vehicle due to accidental collision, fire, explosion, theft, overturning and malicious damage.

Optional Covers

Acts of Nature

Cover against flood, typhoon, hurricane, volcanic eruption and earthquake.

Unnamed Passenger Personal Accident (UPPA)

Protection extended to the passengers of insured vehicle whilst riding in, boarding or alighting from the insured vehicle.