Fire Insurance

Your material achievements will always be at risk. Worry from different types of risks and incidents, such as fire, flood, earthquake, storm, volcanic eruption, will always be present. And dreading the loss of wealth and/or properties you have acquired causes you stress. Let Charter Ping An assure you of comprehensive coverage when the unfortunate happens to your property(ies).

We provide you with coverage for your property/ies (building and contents) against unforeseen losses due to perils insured against. A product that is designed to protect your hard earned investments in the midst of the vulnerability to modern society against natural catastrophes.

Fire Insurance provides protection against damage to property, its contents and works of art (optional), such as fire and lightning, weather damage and other insured perils.


  • Fire and Lightning
  • Typhoon and Flood
  • Earthquake Fire and Shock
  • Riot, Strike and Malicious Damage
  • Smoke Damage
  • Vehicle Impact
  • Falling Aircraft
  • Explosion